1.1 Name of the Range
1.2 Location

The Range is located next to the Stilfontein gholf club in Stilfontein.
1.3 Firearms

Firearms must be used on approved ranges only.
The Range is safe for handgun, rifle and shotgun shooting.


Only shottists who have satisfied the Range Officer that they are proficient in both safe handlingand
range procedures will be allowed to shoot.

1.5 Range keys

No keys will be supplied to any Club member, except with prior arrangement with the owner.

1.6 Membership card

Members of the Club must be in possession of their Club membership cards at all times when
using the range and club facilities.

1.7 Open times

The Range will be open from Monday to Friday 09h00 to 17h00 and Saturday from 08h00 to

After hours can be arranged.

1.8 Range office

The office at the Range will be manned during opening times.

The person will keep the attendance register up to date, keep the Range clean and will see that
all shottists follow the Range Rules.

Refreshments i.e. cooldrink, sweets, chips, cigarettes, braai wood/charcoal, blits, targets/patches
etc. will be sold from the office.

1.9 Club house

The Clubhouse will be open on Wednesdays & Fridays from 18h00 to 22h00 & Saturdays from

A braai area is available as well as a tv with mnet.

The Club house is also available for functions. (Phone the owner for bookings).
The Clubhouse is equipped with a cash bar and no clubmember shall supply their own beverages.


2.1 Members using the Shooting Range and/or the Club house will be held responsible for any
damages incurred – even if caused by their guests or dependants.

2.2 Members, their dependants and/or visitors entering the Range and/or facilities do so at their own
risk. PROGUN PRACTICAL SHOOTING & HUNTING cannot be found responsible for any
injury to persons, loss of or the damage to personal property.

2.3 Children must be strictly controlled and members will be held responsible for their conduct whilst
in and around the club.

2.4 All visitors must sign an indemnity form immediately on entering the shooting range. It is the
responsibility of the member to see that this is done. Forms are available at the office.

2.5 The visitors register must be signed at the office by all visitors.

2.6 All members must complete the register at the office on entering and leaving the shooting range.


Non members Range bookings will only be granted upon receipt of a written request addressed to Progun
Practical Shooting & Hunting specifying date, time and full particulars of Range Officers or
responsible person in charge.

A Range Officer will be available on prior arrangement.


All equipment on the Range belongs to PROGUN.

Maintenance will be the responsibility of PROGUN.

Range Officers and members have to ensure that the Range is left clean and free of rubbish, fired cases,
targets ect… after a shoot or practice session.

PROGUN will be responsible for the upgrading of range facilities and new projects on the range.


In the event of an injury the injured person must be treated as soon as possible and if necessary, be
removed to hospital. The Range Officer or responsible person must furnish the owner of PROGUN
immediately with a detailed report regarding the incident.


6.1 Non members may not shoot with any firearm on the shooting range unless he/she is accompanied
by a member. (Except point 3)

6.2 No loaded firearms will be taken onto the range.

6.3 Carrying cases or bags will be used to carry firearms.

6.4 Removal of firearms from their containers on the range will only be done on instruction from the
range officer.

6.5 Red flags will be placed in positions at the nearest bypassing road, main entrance, firing line and
on top of the stop wall.

6.6 All spectators and persons waiting to shoot have to stand at least 5 metres behind the firing line.

6.7 Nobody will move forward from the firing point whilst the firing point flag is raised.

6.8 During and after loading/unloading firearms the muzzle of the firearm shall be pointed in the
direction of the stopping wall.

6.9 All handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns are permitted on the shooting range.
(Only bullets manufactured for the specific calibre to be used).

Strictly no machine guns or any guns used in war situations and any type of explosives to be used
on the shooting range.


7.1 Never accept or hand over any firearm unless you have proven it save.

7.2 Never ask whether a firearm is save.

7.3 Never touch the trigger unless you are going to shoot.

7.4 Never have a cartridge in the chamber if you do not intend to use it immediately – carry it on
your person.

7.5 Never inspect or look into a barrel unless you have proven its save.

7.6 Never leave a firearm unattended.

7.7 Never bring loaded firearms to the range, classes or lectures.

7.8 Never aim at/or shoot unless certain of your target.

7.9 Never play the fool or try to show off with a firearm.

7.10 Never point a firearm at anyone in jest.

7.11 Never carry a loaded firearm for longer than necessary. If you have to carry it loaded always make
sure the safety catch is on safe.

7.12 Never use alcohol before or while handling a firearm.

7.13 Never use a defective or dirty firearm.

7.14 Never use old, dirty or damaged ammunition.

7.15 Never use a firearm that you cannot handle with absolute self-confidence and sound judgement.

7.16 Never use the wrong ammunition or which is totally unfamiliar to you.

7.17 Never handle a firearm on the range when physically or mentally exhausted and under extreme
nervous tension.

7.18 The firing point shall not be left with a loaded firearm (not applicable for firearms carried for self

7.19 Firearms shall only be loaded at the firing point on instructions from the range officer, and with the
barrel pointing at the bullet trap or stop wall.

7.20 Only the targets provided shall be fired at. Under no circumtances shall glass bottles, etc be
used as targets.

7.21 No shooting shall be done at targets, tin cans, or any other item placed on the floor of the indoor

range, since this poses a ricochet hazard.

7.22 Turning around with a loaded firearm is forbidden.

7.23 Firearms shall be holstered, or put down unloaded, whenever shooting is interrupted for target
changing, etc. Under no circumstances may firarms be handled whenever anyone is in front of the
firing point or points in use at the time.

7.24 Other people’s firearms shall not be touched without the express permission of the range officer.

7.25 Hearing and eye protection shall be worn during shooting.

7.26 Smoking and handling of naked lights on indoor shooting ranges is prohibited.

7.27 Instructions given by the range officer shall be complied with unconditionally.

7.28 Persons engaged in shooting, (shooters, target changes, ancillaries, etc.) shall not be under the
influence of alcohol or drugs.

7.29 Never omit to think, teach and practise safety.


8.1 “Range closed” – all the shooters will be at the firing point and no spectators allowed within 5
metres from the firing point.

8.2 “Load and make ready” – shooters to load their firearms and check.

8.3 Instruction for shooting i.e.: “Shoot 5 shots, reload 5 shots on target in 10 seconds”

8.4 “Unload and holster” or “unload and show clear”. “Shooter to make firearm safe for inspection and
then holstered”.

8.5 “Cease fire” – all shooters to stop immediately with shooting.

8.6 “Range is safe” “Range is now safe all firearms inspected and holstered”

8.7 “Score and patch”


A range officer shall be responsible for supervising the conduct of shooting at the range.

Shooters to appoint a range officer in their group while shooting.

The range officer’s responsibility is safety, not the conduct of shooting in accordance with the rules of
a particular shooting discipline or competition.

The range officer shall be responsible for the following:-

9.1 To ensure that all the shooters are acquainted with the provisions of the range rules.

9.2 To ensure that the range safety rules are observed at all times.

9.3 Constantly supervise the shooters whilst they are at the firing points.

9.4 For controlling or operationg any barrier, warning or signalling systems at the commencement of,
during, and at the conclusion of shooting activities.

9.5 For managing and supervising ancillary staff such as target-operators, etc.

9.6 Decide when shooting is to commence be interrupted and cease.

9.7 To ensure that all firearms in use on the range are holstered or put down unloaded before allowing
anyone to proceed in front of the firing point. (to change targets, for example).

9.8 Be empowered to exclude from the shooting range persons who disrupt operations or pose a threat
to safety, and persons perceptibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

9.9 To ensure that all spent cartridge cases and litter are removed from the range.

9.10 Ensure that all shooting excercises are carried out in accordance with the shooting instructions for
that particular range.

9.11 The range officer is the only person to give commands, instructions and orders on the range.

9.12 The range officer must be conversant with all standing orders, safety procedures, commands and
handling of weapons.